Corporate Finance Advisory

The best corporate solutions

At Banca Euromobiliare, our professionals specializing in corporate finance transactions, have gained significant and technical track record in assisting both national and international private and institutional clients. 

Over the years, our specialist teams have successfully completed numerous operations in support of entrepreneurial families, industrial groups, private equity funds, institutional investors and directors of major companies, playing a leading role in carrying out advisory and due diligence activities underpinning corporate finance transactions for midsize family-owned business in Italy.

Mergers & acquisitions

Banca Euromobiliare supports entrepreneurs and managers in corporate finance operations, in the processes of generational change, in the strengthening and broadening of the shareholding structure, in the divestment of companies, in pursuit of growth and dimensional diversification targets through acquisitions, and in management buy-in and buy-out transactions.

Main areas of intervention:


  • Sale of minority holdings with the opening up of capital to industrial and institutional investors aimed at raising capital and acquiring know-how for new stages of company development, as well as partial cash out of the investment by the shareholders and re-composition of the ownership structures;
  • Sale of majority holdings, or of the entire share capital, selecting national and international buyers that maximize the value of the company, or that allow the company's entry into larger groups that could bring further business development;
  • Acquisitions of target companies to enable companies assisted by Banca Euromobiliare to achieve growth objectives, including dimensional increase, improved competitive positioning, accessing new markets, while meeting these objectives by exploiting synergies and economies of scale;
  • Management buy in/buy out transactions, in which the management team takes a controlling stake in a company also backed by institutional investors.

Ultime operazioni

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Advisor to VP Solar.
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Advisor to the seller.
Advisor to Club del Sole.
Advisor to the buyer.
Advisor to Dentalcoop's minority shareholders.
Advisor to the buyer.
Advisor to Viscolube.
Advisor to the sellers.
Advisor to the sellers.
Advisor to the sellers.
Advisor to the sellers.
Advisor to the buyer.
Advisor to Gruppo Spinelli.
Advisor to Club del Sole.
Advisor to Canon.
Advisor to the selling shareholders.
Advisor to Alcedo SGR.
Advisor to A&D Gruppo Alimentare e Dietetico.
Advisor to The Carlyle Group.
Advisor to Bitolea.
Advisor to Ersel.
Advisor to Gruppo Coin.
Advisor to Millbo.
Advisor to DGPA Capital.
Advisor to Melablu.
Advisor to Intercond.
Advisor to Nutrition & Santé SAS.
Advisor to Caleffi.
Advisor to Alto Capital II.
Advisor to Ergon Capital Partners.
Advisor to Toscana Finanza.
Advisor to the acquirers.
Advisor to Gruppo Furlan.
Advisor to Permira and Grimaldi Holding.
Advisor to the selling Shareholders.
Advisor to HSS.
Advisor to I.NET.
Advisor to Damiani.
Advisor to the selling Shareholders.
Advisor to E-Motion.
Advisor to the selling Shareholders.
Advisor to Fiorentina Gas and Toscana Gas.
Advisor to Campari.
Advisor to Piquadro.
Advisor to the selling Shareholders.
Advisor to Equifax Inc.
Advisor to Industria & Finanza SGR.
Advisor to the selling shareholders.
Advisor to Manutencoop.
Advisor to Ages and Publienergia.
Fairness opinion.
Advisor to Groupe Entremont.
Advisor to Permira.
Advisor to Iseo Holding.
Advisor to Damiani.
Advisor to Banca Intesa.
Advisor to the sellers.
Advisor to the seller.

Ancillary services

  • Valuations of companies or business units;
  • Drafting of business plans, analysis of commercial, economic and financial positions, feasibility studies  to assist shareholders and management in the policy-making and development processes of companies;
  • Joint Ventures with national and international partners;
  • Optimization of the company's financial structure, corporate restructuring, pre-IPO activities.

Customization & confidentiality

Customized assistance to support clients in all the stages of corporate finance transactions, including:


  • Drafting of company information material, economic and financial documentation;
  • Transaction structuring;
  • Due diligence and support in the data rooms management;
  • Coordinating legal, tax, accounting and business consultants participating in the transaction;
  • Negotiations with counterparties;
  • Assistance in defining contractual arrangements.  

    The whole process is carefully managed with all the necessary procedures in order to keep all information confidential and protect the everyday business operations of the company involved until completion.

Added value

The added value of the Corporate Finance Advisory Team is provided by its trademark features fully recognised by the market, such as:


  • Excellent track record of successful transactions acquired by the Team’s professionals;
  • Market leaders in extraordinary finance transactions in the midsize business segment;
  • In-depth knowledge of the family-owned business world;
  • Full understanding of our clients' business sectors and of their strategic objectives;
  • Development of a network of significant international relations;
  • Personalized service tailored to specific customer requirements;
  • Integrated management approach addressing issues affecting customers’ business and personal assets;
  • Many years of experience and absolute discretion; these qualities have enabled Banca Euromobiliare to establish long-term relationships with its customers.