About us

About us

Our history and transformation: private bank since 1973

Banca Euromobiliare is the private banking institute of the Credem banking group.


We have been looking to the future for almost 50 years: we have the know-how to interpret our clients' expectations and mandates by approaching asset management through an effective control of risk strategies and investment solutions. We are experts in investment management and high-end advisory services. Our clients are entrepreneurs, institutional investors and private customers.


We stand out for the excellence of our investment solutions, and for the reliability and expertise of our professionals and associates who represent the heart and soul of our institution. Thanks to our proven experience and competence, built upon the strength of a solid financial Group focused on long-term results, we offer our clients the highest standards of professional quality, safety and security.


Today, along with Credem Private Banking, we are creating a single financial hub which has already secured fifth place in Italian domestic rankings.


The private banking financial hub


It is here, strong and stable, and it's here to stay: the one-stop financial hub for the Group's private banking services. It aims to strengthen its positioning, boost growth and become an increasingly attractive choice for top-ranking private bankers and financial advisors. These are the ultimate objectives whose pursuit has been entrusted to a newly-developed private business unit within Credem, supported by Banca Euromobiliare.

What sets us apart

We cater to an elite set of investors with superior levels of financial culture and high net worth wealth.

Such a particular category of clientele is not only especially attentive but also very demanding, and rightly so. It follows that our investment solutions and strategies are meticulous in detail, and tailored to each individual client's specific characteristics, needs and objectives.


Best results and customer satisfaction first and foremost
Our offer spans a broad range of financial products, and it is shaped by our close ties with the best asset management companies and the most trusted financial professionals in the industry. 


Proud to be Italian
We believe that our heritage is also a strong point. This provides a guarantee of independence from certain assessments that often drive the strategies of international groups.


Confidentiality is second nature to us
Our professional relationship with clients always thrives in a safe environment whose hallmarks are utmost discretion and freedom from external influence.


Thorough and competent professional advice
The real added value of our services lies in the first-rate professional advice we provide to our Clients. Our quality service is built on elements such as competence, accuracy and responsibility. 


Listening closely to our Clients
This is crucial in understanding their expectations and supporting them in planning their life projects, which we evaluate together with clarity of intent and honesty of purpose. Our aim is to set out a shared roadmap leading to fully satisfactory results with a medium/long-term outlook.


Commitment and Passion: key ingredients for success
Business services are not tangible goods that can be seen and touched: successful outcomes hinge on solid relationships of loyalty and trust, established between truly “passionate” people, that can engage with and motivate others.


Value over time
Creating value over time means offering lasting certainty and not mere illusions. We prefer to stick to the route we know and trust the best, that of lasting and sustainable increases in value.

What we do

Advanced financial advisory services

Banca Euromobiliare specializes in advanced financial advisory services, in providing assistance aimed at the integrated management and appreciation of client assets over time (inheritance planning, fiduciary services, consultancy for managing real estate and art portfolios) and boasts a complete range of portfolio management services with multiline and customized solutions. Also, Banca Euromobiliare offers corporate finance & investment banking services by supporting companies and their shareholders with regard to development strategies, mergers and combinations of companies, business units and shareholdings, leveraged buy-outs (LBOs) and management buy-outs (MBOs), fairness opinions, whiole also researching equity and debt capital and performing pre-IPO advisory activities.


The bank, whose main office is in Milan, operates through 400 professionals and is present nationwide with about 35 branches and financial centers dedicated to private banking.

Economic performance

Dynamism and growth

Our performance outcomes rely on the stability and excellence of the brand, but above all are rooted in our ability to offer products and solutions capable of seizing new investment opportunities in the financial markets.