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The Time of discretion
Cultural event
> 06 June 2018
Le Murate - Piazza delle Murate - 50122, Firenze (FI)

“The Time of discretion” is the first solo exhibition in an institutional space by Florentine artist Lisa Batacchi.

“The Time of discretion” is a transnational project in progress that transcends European borders, centering around textile traditions that are slowly disappearing, in both East and West, favoring the social value of the artistic experience with the aim of influencing and promoting cooperation.

The project begins with the participation of Lisa Batacchi at the Land Art Mongolia Biennal of 2016, whose theme focused on the interpretation of the axis that divides the sky from the earth. To do so, the artist reached Guizhou, a mountain village in southern China where the ancient Hmong people (originating from the Siberian-Mongol area), observe a traditional daily ritual . In particular, they hold the specific practice of natural indigo dyeing, which they believe has the power of divination.