How to prevent fraud with banker’s drafts or bank cheques. 

When you issue a bank check and/or request the issue of a BANCA EUROMOBILIARE banker's draft to settle a commercial transaction, there are some precautions to be put in place to avoid becoming the victim of possible fraud. 

If you are confronted with a potentially suspicious situation please do not hesitate to file a complaint by taking matters up with your local branch. 


Do not send complete images of cheques

Remember NEVER to send the full image or photocopy of a cheque to an alleged vendor, for example via email/instant message/social network/fax. 

What details can I share safely?
If asked to do so, you may safely send the following information to a vendor: ABI and CAB identifier codes, and check number. These data will allow a payee to verify the genuine existence/provenance of the cheque, but a fraudster will not have sufficient elements to make out a counterfeit cheque.

Internet Banking with Banca Euromobiliare is fast, efficient, flexible, simple and above all safe.

Web connection
We use is today's most advanced encryption technology to raise standards for data protection . The private section is only accessible in https mode, i.e. through a secure web connection. When navigating through protected pages, a closed padlock appears, usually visible on the bottom bar of the window or to the right of the webpage address.
Always ensure the authenticity of the website, checking that the address always begins with and in the case of online trading.

Access to Internet Banking
Access to Internet Banking is protected by username and password. The access password is known only by you and is mailed to you in a sealed envelope at the time of activating the service. For each access to Internet Banking, you receive an email notification. This is a simple measure that allows you to retain immediate control over your accessing activities. When logging in only your user and password are required. If other requests to enter data appear, you may be the victim of an attempted scam. In these cases, please contact our toll free number 800.45.00.45 immediately, and we'll tell you what to do..

Changing the Password Regularly
You should routinely change your password and if you suspect that an unauthorized person has got hold of it, change it immediately! You can do this by logging into your Internet Banking and following the path: Security> Internet banking password.

Exiting Internet Banking
When you want to exit your Internet Banking session, always remember to log off completely. To do this just click "Exit" in the top right corner of each page.

What does Banca Euromobiliare do to protect your data and what you can do to help.


To minimize the possibility of fraud, we constantly check on the correctness of the transactions made by internet banking.


Every time you make a payment, you receive an email notification. This is a simple measure, which allows you to have immediate control over payments.

The private section is only accessible in https mode, i.e. a secure web connection. When navigating protected pages a closed padlock appears; check that this is present on the bottom bar of the window or to the right of the webpage address.

Using the My Key device

The My Key device is of mandatory use to make transactions. This device generates one-time passwords every 30 seconds. The password is necessary in order to confirm all transactions securely.

When you make transactions like bank transfers, mobile phone top-ups or payments of online F24 forms, please make sure you only keep open the webpage in your browser

Account movements
Frequently check your credit/debit card and current account movements to make sure that they have all been made by you. You can have an extra layer of control by activating the alerts, choosing whether to receive a text or email notification for every transaction you make.

Here are some rules that will help you maintain a good level of security when banking online. Follow these tips dutifully when you navigate and especially when using Internet Banking.

Operating system
Keep your pc's operating system and software programs constantly updated. You can set this up automatically, through the already pre-set functions.


Install an antivirus program and keep it updated. It is the best way to minimize the risk that a virus may penetrate and compromise the normal functioning of your PC.

The importance of Sources

Download files only from trusted sources. File sharing or downloading from untrusted source may allow special software, known as Spyware, to gain easy access to your personal information.

Auto-saving passwords
It's best to avoid automatically saving passwords. You can disable this function directly from the browser you normally use.

For your Internet Banking to be absolutely safe, it is important to carefully choose a good password.

Here are some rules to choose the best passwords for your online security.

  • Use a different password for each site which you are enrolled to. Using the same password for logging into the personal area of all your favorite websites could potentially pose a threat to the security of your data; 
  • It should be at least 6 and not more than 8 characters long. It is recommended that passwords should be a combination of numbers and letters; 
  • Use special characters such as @ # € & whenever possible. This is a good way to prevent fraudulent password recognition. 
  • Avoid using everyday words as passwords, along with the date of your birthday, or your username. It is a trivial rule but it is always best to take notice. 
  • Use both upper and lower case. Creating a password that alternates between upper and lower case will raise the level of security of your data and make it harder for scammers to seize your login credentials.


What's Phishing?

Phishing is a form of fraud in which the attacker tries to learn information such as login credentials, account information, or other sensitive personal data for fraudulent purposes by masquerading as a reputable entity or person in email, telephone, or other online communication channels.

  • Email. Watch out for emails claiming to be sent from Euromobiliare Bank. If through some ruse they require that you click on a link, it may be a phishing email! Phishing emails can be identified because they have a somewhat threatening tone, they are not customized and are typically written in a language style with many grammatical errors. Finally, pay special attention when opening e-mails sent from unknown senders; never reply to such e-mails and never enter your personal credentials, unless you are sure to be accessing from the website. 
  • Telephone. If you receive a phone call from the telephone help desk that seems strange, do not hesitate to ask for additional information on the caller/operator's identity and, in any case, never give out your information if you are not absolutely sure that you are talking to operators from Banca Euromobiliare or the Credem Group. 
  • Internet. The Internet Banking service is accessible only from the bank's corporate website; it cannot be accessed via e-mail or other communication channels. Every time you log into your internet banking, the date and time of last access is displayed in the upper, right corner of the login page. Check that it matches with your actual last access date/time. Never enter your personal access codes if you realize that the access mode has suddenly changed. If the page that appears differd from the one of the website to which you are accustomed, do not enter further personal details under any circumstances. You will be always informed in advance of any changes that the Bank may make to its Internet Banking sevice.

Do you think you may have been the victim of online fraud? Here are the steps to follow for all Internet Banking users.

  • Just call the toll free number 800.45.00.45 and tell us what happened to you. We'll help you take all the necessary actions when you fall victim to online fraud; 
  • Write to, and you will be duly contacted by our operators who will provide you with all the information you need; 
  • Contact your local branch or your usual contact at the bank.



Access to Banca Euromobiliare's MOBILE BANKING APP is protected by a user code and a password, as is already the case for Internet Banking. Every time you make a transaction, you automatically receive useful notifications for each access or any transaction made.


The new App is designed to protect your privacy and manage your account from smartphone and tablet, in an easy, fast and secure way. You can effect all the main transactions, anywhere.

Also, thanks to the "Hide Balance" function, your account balance sheets can be encrypted by simply activating the "Hide balances in Home Page" function by toggling the TAB to YES.


Each time you log in or complete operations, you receive useful notifications that you have previously selected. It's easy to do, just enable notifications and you shall be duly notified: all just an alert away!

How to activate them?

  • Click on the settings icon in the top right corner and select "Notification settings"
  • Select the type of notification that you require: account transactions, payments, investment funds and Sicav; 
  • Choose what kind of account movements you want to be notified about, e.g. every time your salary is paid in or when your credit card is charged. There are endless types of alerts; 
  • Enter your My Key password and click "Confirm".

Have you lost or replaced your Smartphone?
If you decide to change your smartphone or if you lose it, you can ask Banca Euromobiliare (by calling the number 800.45.00.45) to disconnect your contract from the device onto which the app has been downloaded.

We take these measures very seriously because your security is important to us.