To file a report you can:

  • contact your personal consultant
  • ask for a support at your local branch
  • send an e-mail to inserting the relevant topic as email object

To file a compliant you can:

  • send a registered letter to Banca Euromobiliare - Ufficio Legale di Banca, Corso Monforte n. 34, 20122 Milan
  • send an email to or to the certified e-mail address
  • send a fax to n. (+39)02 6376552

The bank must answer:

  • within 15 working days for complaints concerning payment services; this timeframe may be extended up to 35 working days in exceptional circumstances and subject to interlocutory communication with the customer regarding the reasons for the delay, as well as the deadline by which the latter will receive the definitive response;
  • within 45 days for complaints relating to insurance distribution (with the exception of claims relating to insurance investment products); within 45 days for complaints relating to insurance brokerage;
  • within 60 days for complaints relating to banking operations and services; 
  • within 60 days for complaints concerning investment and collective asset management services and activities (including those relating to insurance investment products). 

As regards insurance products::

  • at some stages of the complaint handling process, the intermediary shall refer to the Customer Services Department at the Parent Company Credito Emiliano S.p.A., Via Emilia S. Pietro n. 4, 42121 Reggio Emilia. 
  • The complaint may also be forwarded to the insurance company that will have to respond within forty-five days - in the manner set forth in the contractual documentation relating to the product or stated on the company's website.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, before resorting to the Judge, you can contact:

  • for issues relating to banking and financial operations and services, to the Banking and Financial Ombudsman (ABF). All disputes concerning the existence of rights, obligations and faculties can be submitted to the ABF, regardless of the value of the relationship concerned; if the customer's request concerns the payment of a sum of money for any reason, the dispute falls within the competence of the ABF provided that the amount does not exceed € 200,000.00. To find out how to contact the Ombudsman, you can check the guide, go to the ABF website (, or contact any of the branches of the Bank of Italy.
  • for issues relating to investment services and activities and collective asset management, to the Arbitrator for Financial Disputes (ACF). The disputes that may be submitted to the ACF arise between retail investors and intermediaries and relate to the violation of obligations of information, diligence, correctness and transparency that intermediaries must comply with when dealing with investors and providing them with investment and collective asset (funds) management services.. If the customer's request relates to the payment of a sum of money, the dispute falls within the competence of the ACF provided that the requested amount does not exceed 500,000 euros. previously submitted a complaint to the intermediary and that the arbitration procedure starts within the following twelve months. The right to appeal to the ACF cannot be renounced by the investor and can be always exercised, even in the presence of dispute settlement clauses to other out-of-court resolution bodies contained in the contracts. For more information on the competences, conditions and methods of recourse to the ACF, including the relevant regulations, please go to the ACF website ( or ask for details at any branch of the Bank.
  • for issues relating to insurance products, contact IVASS (Intermediaries Supervision Service, Via del Quirinale n. 21 - 00187 Rome, fax 06 42133745 or 06 42133353, PEC, or activate any other out-of-court dispute resolution system provided for by current legislation as set out in the contractual documentation relating to the insurance product, or consult the website of the insurance company that issued the insurance contract. Disputes relating to the distribution of insurance investment products by persons authorized to distribute insurance pursuant to Article 1, letter w-bis), of the Consolidated Law on Financial Intermediation, and subsequent amendments, are excluded from the competence of IVASS. These disputes shall be handled by Consob, therefore the rules on investment services and activities shall apply.
  • to a mediation body such as the Financial Banking Conciliator, which can be activated without the need for submitting a prior complaint to the Bank. Further information is available on the website and at all branches of the Bank. Even after signing the contract, the option remains to agree in writing to contact another body, as long as it is registered in the appropriate register of the Ministry of Justice, available on the website

The information you shall provide will be used exclusively for purposes relating to the acknowledgment of your communications, in accordance with current privacy legislation (Protection of personal data law - Legislative Decree n.196/03), to ensure such data is treated safely and confidentially.

For more information, you can access the General Information on personal data processing, or refer to the following notifications regarding the basic rights of the customer.

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