To file a report you can:

  • contact your personal consultant
  • ask for a support at your local branch
  • send an e-mail to inserting the relevant topic as email object

To file a compliant you can:

  • send a registered letter to Banca Euromobiliare - Ufficio Legale di Banca, Corso Monforte n. 34, 20122 Milan
  • send an email to or to the certified e-mail address
  • send a fax to n. (+39)02 6376552

The bank must answer:

  • within 15 working days for complaints concerning payment services
  • within 30 days following complaints relating to banking and financial operations and services
  • within 45 days following complaints relating to insurance products
  • within 60 days following complaints relating to investment services. 

As regards insurance products::

  • at some stages of the complaint handling process, the intermediary shall refer to the Customer Services Department at the Parent Company Credito Emiliano S.p.A., Via Emilia S. Pietro n. 4, 42121 Reggio Emilia. 
  • The complaint may also be forwarded to the insurance company that will have to respond within forty-five days - in the manner set forth in the contractual documentation relating to the product or stated on the company's website.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, before resorting to the Judge, you can contact:

  • the Banking and Finance Arbitrator (ABF) in case of grievances relating to transactions and banking and financial services. To find out how to refer to the Arbitrator, please check the website, or enquire at branches of the Bank of Italy or at the bank.
  • In case of issues concerning investment services and activities:
    • the Ombudsman for Banking Services. To find out how to contact the Ombudsman please visit www.conciliatore;
    • The Chamber of Conciliation and Arbitration at Consob. All relevant information regarding the Chamber of Conciliation and Arbitration can be found at
    • In case of issues relating to insurance products the complaint may be referred to the Italian Insurance Supervisory Authority (IVASS), Service for the Supervision of Financial Intermediaries, Via del Quirinale n. 21-00187 Rome.

The information you shall provide will be used exclusively for purposes relating to the acknowledgment of your communications, in accordance with current privacy legislation (Protection of personal data law - Legislative Decree n.196/03), to ensure such data is treated safely and confidentially.

For more information, you can access the General Information on personal data processing, or refer to the following notifications regarding the basic rights of the customer and the Banking Ombudsman's Regulation on complaints:

›› Banking Ombudsman Regulation on complaints