Notice to holders of accounts with no transactions for over 10 years

Holders of bearer savings deposits and expired bearer deposit certificates, dormant for over 10 years and with a balance of over 100.00 euros (defined as dormant by Art. 1 of Italian Presidential Decree no. 116 of 22/06/2007) are invited to go with their original book/certificate to the branch where said products were opened, in order to issue the appropriate instructions within 180 days from the date of publication of the lists below, thereby interrupting the dormant period.

If no action is taken, after said deadline, the bearer book/certificate will be closed and the amounts contained within will be donated to the Fund pursuant to Art. 1, paragraph 343, Law no. 266/2005, established by the State in order to indemnify victims of financial fraud.

Apart from the lists of bearer deposits pursuant to the above, we also provide those relative to:

  • dormant registered accounts, in the name of customers with respect to which the bank has no particulars (such as mailing address); given the impossibility, as envisaged by the relative legislation, of advising the holders of said registered accounts via registered letter with return receipt, the above guidelines for bearer deposits shall apply.
  • Accounts that have remained dormant (registered and bearer) reported to the Ministry of Economy and Finance for subsequent closure and donation of any amounts to the Fund.

Reference legislation:
D.P.R. (Italian Presidential Decree) no. 116 of 22/06/2007

  • Art. 1 - Definition of "dormant" account on which no transactions have been carried out by the owner/holder, for 10 years from the date of the last transaction, and in any case free availability of the amount.
  • Art. 3 - Notice to account holders (by the banks) of the invitation to go to the bank to interrupt the inactivity on said accounts.
  • Art. 4 - Notification to the Ministry of Economy and Finance (by the banks) of the dormant accounts, for subsequent closure and donation of the amounts to the Fund.

›› List nr 1 - MEF and CONSAP Accounts at 28.03.13

›› List nr 2 - MEF and CONSAP Accounts at 24.03.17

›› List nr 3 - MEF and CONSAP Accounts at 26.03.18

›› List nr 4 - MEF and CONSAP Accounts at 29.03.19