Estate planning

Preserving and defending capital, ensuring implementation of agreements, optimising the tax load and safely managing the transfer to heirs, ensuring the utmost confidentiality.

A complex, delicate and sophisticated activity.


With wealth planning services, customers are assisted in identifying solutions to manage their capital, with the goal of reorganising for legal and tax optimisation or in view of a generational handover.

Wealth planning has four objectives to achieve and four values to pursue in order to complete its mission.

Protecting financial and capital assets, including real estate assets in Italy and abroad, corporate shareholdings, business initiatives, stock option plans.

Expertly representing the customer in shareholders' agreements, in the execution of commitments and in the generational handover.

Handling the desires of customers, mitigating tensions and attitudes and acting as supporting manager of their assets.

Managing, preserving and enhancing customers' assets over time, through a structured and systematic intervention plan.

Estate and tax

Accumulating capital is not sufficient to guarantee a peaceful financial future for your family. Constantly safeguarding continuity of assets through the generational handover may become a complex objective.

For entrepreneurial families and their members who require optimisation or diversification of portfolios into non-financial assets, we are able to assist our customers with legal-tax advisory services, private insurancesolutions and corporate financeand investment banking services, to support extraordinary finance transactions and corporate risk management.

To generate a future of continuity, the generational handover process must be managed through an integrated approach that covers a number of aspects in synergy:

  • strategy, with planning of medium to long-term company objectives; 
  • legal, thanks to the definition of legal solutions able to enhance the family asset and its members; 
  • tax, analysing the portfolio and existing tax restrictions to optimise and guarantee business continuity; 
  • protection of capital, value proposition for strategic management of the personal portfolio of members of the entrepreneurial family.

Thanks to professional management and to the support of highly specialised professionals, we offer:

  • serene planning of asset succession; 
  • high level of confidentiality and customisation of the solutions proposed; 
  • tax optimisation, through selection of the most appropriate legal and tax instruments.