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Credem Group’s soundness at the top of the industry
> 02 December 2019

SREP Requirement affirmed at the lowest level among Italian banks directly supervised by ECB.

Capital ratios well above 2020 requirements assigned by ECB.

Effective procedures for the evaluation and monitoring of capital and strong systems for risk and liquidity management, the latter in line with previous years and with no additional requirement.

The European Central Bank (ECB) identified such characteristics as key drivers of the decision on minimum capital requirements within the “Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process” (SREP) for the Group. After being notified, Credem decided to publish it in order to remark its soundness, recognized by the Supervisor as well.

2020 minimum CET1 Ratio assigned to the Group was 8%, including Pillar 2 requirement, confirmed at 1%, the lowest level among Italian banks directly supervised by ECB.

As of 30 September 2019, Credem CET1 Ratio was 13.7%, roughly 570 basis points above its SREP requirement, among the best of the Industry.

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