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> 06 August 2021

Strong growth recorded for 1H2021: net income +75,1%, loans +8,9% and deposits +15,5%.

• Consolidated Net Profit stands at €136.4 million (+75.1% against June 2020) after the disbursement of €23.9 million, as contribution to the Single Resolution Fund to support failing banks, and €16.8 million of integration costs related to the merger with Cassa di Risparmio di Cento;

• Annualized ROE 8.8%,annualized ROTE 10.2%;

• Indicators at the top of the Industry in Italy and Europe to protect customers and the market: Banking Group Common Equity Tier 1 Ratio at 15.99%, Credemholding Common Equity Tier 1 Ratio (prudential perimeter) at 14,38% compared to the minimum 7.56% assigned by the ECB ;

• More than €1.1 billion margin on regulatory capital requirements;

• Low incidence of non-performing loans, at 2.6% of loans (Gross NPL Ratio) compared to the 4.06 average % of Italian banks;

• Positive contribution of loan loss provisions due to a recovery on provisions (collective writedown) thanks to better macroeconomic expectations (annualized cost of risk at -10 bps);

• Capital soundness confirmed by the outcome of the stress test conducted by the European Central Bank which values Credem as the Italian bank with the lowest impact in case of economic adverse scenario.

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