Starting from listening to the customer. Understanding their necessities and satisfying them with the constantly up-to-date expertise of high-level professionals. Developing differentiated and customised services for private and corporate customers. Using technological innovation to better satisfy demand. Developing a multi-channel distribution network able to satisfy the requirements of fast and safe transactions.

This is credem, credito emiliano banking group.

A reality based on excellence

The Institute was founded over a century ago (1910), on the initiative of a group of entrepreneurs that gave rise to theBanca Agricola Commerciale di Reggio Emilia.Its current name - Credito Emiliano - dates back to 1983 and underlines the Bank's first significant geographical expansion, exceeding the regional borders.

Today, Credem is one of the leading Italian banks and distinguishes itself at the national and European level for its capital soundness and stable shareholders base. Through the gradual opening of new branches and acquisition of small and medium-sized banks, Credem has expanded its presence to 16 Italian regions. A widespread presence comprising 600 branches, 41 business centres and 800 financial advisors, with dedicated offices, and 5600 employees.

The mission of the Credem Group is the creation of value, for today and tomorrow.
Value for Customers: concrete and easy-to-use solutions, supported by a complete, accurate and friendly service.
Value for those working in the offices and networks, to which Credem offers significant opportunities for professional growth, in a merit-based environment characterised by listening, respect and teamwork.
Value for Shareholders, to which we guarantee significant but sustainable earnings, preserving the Group's solidity and reputation.

The Credem spirit

The spirit that has kept us going and thanks to which we have been successfully planning for our own future, and especially that of our clients, since 1910 is based on:

As nothing is more important than feeling welcome. If there is anything we can do for you, we will do it without you having to ask. More than a duty, it is our way of understanding human relations.


As we are not only mindful of the details. Even though we look closely at them, too. But we believe that matters of substance are made of a great many small things.


Our job is to present our clients with simple, effective and high-quality products and solutions. We only make promises that we can actually keep.

icococcardaThe Credem values

and responsibility

The cornerstones of all of our actions, the colours of our craft.


Taking care of Customers through rapid and effective solution of their problems, making them feel welcomed and truly listened to. Identifying with the company results achieved, quickly reacting to changes in context and getting involved with all of one's capabilities.


Operating with the utmost professionalism and commitment. Always working under the clear awareness of representing the Group, whose soundness and reputation are a reflection of each of us. With the awareness of "being a team". And in a team, personal success must be consistent with Group success.

Dedicated structures

With its 600 branches across the country, Credem Banca is the traditional structure dedicated to households and small business. Here they can find innovative products, clear information instruments, professional consulting and daily management of their current necessities.

Advanced consulting is assigned to the Financial Advisors: they follow Customers in the phases of analysis, financial planning and management of portfolios; the commercial and operational integration among networks of Advisors and bank branches is a success model that enables the management of all customer requirements without interrupting the relationship.

Credem Banca d'Impresa proposes services designed expressly for Corporate Customers. There are 41 Business Centres situated near the major industrial hubs: true consulting centres able to design, structure and support development plans through targeted financial strategies. It is no coincidence that Credem Banca d'Impresa boasts over 13,000 corporate customers.

Credem Private Banking is the service dedicated to the privileged relationship with those who require excellent solutions in asset management, customised based on expectations, objectives and desires. Credem Private Bankers first of all invest in knowledge and dialogue, to consolidate the most important asset: the trust of Customers.

Credem, much more than a bank

Spazio Credem, the place for those who love their own local community.

Come and discover the art collections on display at our headquarters in Reggio Emilia, you will travel through time and space: from Italy to China, from the ancient Romans to the avant-garde movements of the 1900s.

You can admire the artworks of 17th Century masters from Emilia-Romagna, such as Guido Reni, Alessandro Tiarini or Guercino, and be enchanted by distant Asian cultures thanks to one of the most exclusive private collections of oriental art.

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