Corporate finance advisory

Experienced and skilled team with a well established track record in corporate finance transactions involving national and international players.

The corporate finance advisory team has completed a large number of transactions assisting private entrepreneurs, industrial groups and private equity funds, achieving a leading position in mergers & acquisitions of medium-sized italian companies.

& acquisitions

Banca Euromobiliare provides Corporate Finance advisory alongside with its Private Banking services, assisting its clients in the definition of strategies for growth through acquisitions, strengthening and expansion of the shareholders base, shareholders value maximization in sales processes, management buy-in and buy-out transactions.

With a well-established experience of more than forty years and being part since 1994 of Credem Group, one of the most well recognized Italian banking group, the Corporate Finance Advisory has achieved a leading position in the M&A of medium-sized Italian companies, providing assistance to national and international customers, including private entrepreneurs, industrial groups and private equity funds.

The Corporate Finance Advisory Team of Banca Euromobiliare provides assistance for:

  • Disposals of minority interests to industrial and institutional investors. These transactions aim to collecting capital and acquiring know-how for new development stages of the company, as well as partial cash out of the investment by the shareholders and re-composition of the ownership structures;
  • Disposal of majority or whole interests, selecting national and international buyers maximising the company value, as well as allowing the company to enter into larger groups that could bring further development;
  • Acquisitions of target companies. These transactions lead companies advised by Banca Euromobiliare to increase size more quickly, improve their competitive positioning, enter new markets, achieve synergies and scale economies;
  • Management buy-in/buy-out. Transactions where the management team takes a controlling stake of a company also backed by institutional investors.


Other services

Banca Euromobiliare also provides other ancillary services such as:

  • Valuations of companies or business units in light of possible M&A transactions or re-composition of the ownership structure;
  • Business plans, economic and financial analysis, feasibility studies to help shareholders and management to develop the company;
  • Joint ventures with national and international partners;
  • Optimisation of capital structure, corporate restructuring, pre-IPO activities.

& confidentiality

Tailored support to assist clients in all the stages of the transaction, including:

  • Preparing company information memorandum and financial documents;
  • Structuring the transaction;
  • Managing data room and due diligence;
  • Coordinating legal, tax, accounting and business consultants participating in the transaction;
  • Assisting negotiation with counterparties and preparation of the closing documents.

The whole process is managed with all the cautions to keep all the information confidential and protect the business operations of the company involved up to the completion of the process.


Added value

The added value of the Corporate Finance Advisory Team is provided by its distinctive characteristics recognised by the market such as:

  • Well established track record of successful transactions advised by the professionals of the Team;
  • Leading position in the M&A of medium-sized enterprises segment;
  • Full comprehension of the business customers operate and their strategic objectives;
  • Development of a significant network of international relations;
  • Tailored assistance based on the specific requirements of customers;
  • Integrated management of issues regarding customers’ business and private interests;
  • Long-term relationships with its clients.