Financial consulting

The activities of the advisory unit are far-ranging and detailed.
From specific professional support for relationship managers to research on the market and markets. From the definition of new and increasingly complete service models to the production of a wide variety of specialised reports.

From personalised high-level consulting to the organisation and management of education sessions on financial instruments and market analyses.

Advanced services
for managers
and customers

The starting point for the work of the Advisory Unit is systematic and constant research.
Continuous analysis of the market and of the markets in order to promptly obtain information on developments and prospects.

Fundamental information to properly direct the work of Private Bankers and Financial Advisors. Updates are provided at different frequencies: daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.

The second area of activity consists of the preparation of models and definition of asset allocation strategies and types of portfolios to propose to customers based on the various risk profiles.

The third service consists of proposing the financial instruments considered most functional in achieving specific portfolio and market strategies, in line with the relative risk profile.

Private Bankers and Financial Advisors are guaranteed ongoing assistance and support, for immediate answers on financial, market and portfolio issues.


Research and development is conducted through a series of highly integrated analyses that start with a view of the market provided by the macro strategists of Banca Euromobiliare. In making strategic decisions, the most accredited sources of financial information are used, along with the most reliable tools, up-to-date international research and the most highly regarded databases.

All with the support of an operational strategist. The results of this study, of the research and of the strategic definition activities are then summarised in a number of reports: Financial Plan, Macroeconomic Scenario, Flash News, Multibrand Report, Investments Position, Recommendations, Daily Briefing, Trading Ideas, Operating Ideas (Equity, Currencies, Bonds and Commodities).

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Construction of the asset allocation (distribution of available funds among the various investment assets) of the various risk profiles starts from the market view and is based on the mean-variance method.

A method put forward by H. Markowitz and refined with developments and updates that neutralise the critical issues that emerged during the 2008 crisis. This advanced technique is applied to the five fundamental categories of asset classes: monetary (average yields on treasury bills traded on the electronic bond and securities market), short-term bonds (1-3 years), medium/long-term bonds (7-10 years), flexible (flexible strategies by profile), equity (Morgan Stanley index). Discretionary corrective adjustments may be applied to the results of the model in order to maintain a balanced portfolio structure, avoiding concentration on specific asset classes.

In fact, the construction of a portfolio model goes through weighting, namely evaluation of the relative weight of a specific asset class over the total investment.
Investment strategies that allow adequate diversification are then defined, constantly monitoring risk levels through the VaR (Value at Risk) method, which identifies the maximum level of potential loss at any given moment.

Financial instruments

To select the financial instruments most suitable to achieve the proposed asset allocation, the Advisory Unit of Banca Euromobiliare uses proprietary modelling based on different methods, depending on the various asset classes:

  • quantitative screening models and detailed qualitative due diligence for the UCIs;
  • quantitative models for corporate bonds, whose selection is also corroborated with government bonds and currencies, in accordance with the outlook on country risk and the development of monetary policy outside of the euro zone;
  • fundamental, statistical, behavioural and technical assessments for shares;
  • due diligence of the passive manager and assessment of the liquidity characteristics for the individual instruments for ETFs.

Financial education

Initiatives aimed at investors and designed to increase the financial knowledge of our Customers and encourage the exchange of information and updating of current financial issues.

The goal of these meetings is therefore information-based. Our technical analysis proposals are based on the awareness that strong cultural interaction with customers is a fundamental tool to improve knowledge of financial instruments and foster a trust-based relationship.


Investimenti sostenibili ESG

Informativa sulla trasparenza delle politiche di integrazione dei rischi di sostenibilità nei processi di investimento - Reg. UE 2019 2088 artt. 3 4 5


Investimenti sostenibili ESG

Informativa su sostenibilità nel settore dei servizi finanziari - Reg. UE 2019 2088 art. 10